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Kinetic Perspective

Betrayed (unframed)

Betrayed (unframed)

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This is my first oil painting and I'm turning it into prints for everyone to have the chance to own. I've always been an artist. Ever since I was 5 years old I remember drawing DragonBall Z characters. Pretty much only having used pencils or markers, up until I started KP in 2019, I then mastered digital art, but got tired and burnt out of that style along with some betrayal from people I loved and considered my best friends, that led me to basically giving up and giving up art completely.

Until now, I have a newfound passion for art with the medium of oil paints.

I'm excited to present to you all this 24x48" high-quality print on level 4 paper.

This was scanned by 1 of 5 scanners in the U.S. and is the same one the Smithsonian Museum uses so there is no loss of detail.


The $300 option is the original 24x48" 

The $100 option is a much smaller 10x20" but has the same amount of quality and resolution.

The prices are for unframed prints but they are shipped to you.

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